Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pillow Pal

Introducing PillowPal!

Ever had trouble waking up in the morning? Ever unconsciously turned off your own alarms?

Never have this problem again with PillowPal! Your friends now have complete control over when you wake up. Isn't that great? PillowPal allows your facebook friends to access your pillow online and turn on lights and music to wake you up in the morning.

PillowPal is an attachment for your phone. It communicates with your phone through the audio port, so it works with almost every phone. The brains of the pillow are a picaxe microcontroller and a set of 32 RGB addressable LED's which will blink different colors when its time to wake up.

This hack was made by Jesika Haria, Prabhav Jain, and Geza Kovacs for HackMIT. We made it to the finals! But didn't win :(

You can see our demo below: