Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pinhole Parallax!!!! (Cardboard + construction paper + lcd + matlab = multi-perspective display)

What separates a 2d image from a 3d image? We only see the world in 2d dimensions, so how do we know the difference between 2d and 3d. Our eyes observe objects from two different perspectives, each eye getting its own image. Furthermore, when you move your head, you experience parallax. In order to recreate this experience using an LCD monitor, each observer must see a different image. One way of doing this is to do the reverse of a pinhole camera and show each observer a different image. This project was my first (crude) step in exploring this area.

The first version of this display is a whopping 6 pixels by 6 pixels. Perfect for watching Iron Man in HD. The restriction in resolution is due to imperfections in the alignment of the holes in the filter, the low-light intensity by the LCD backlight, and the low pixel density of the LCD.

Improving any (or all of these) would allow for more resolution in the screen.My goal is to eventually make a 240x320 version that can handle up to 36 independent views (6 lateral, 6 vertical). I'm still a far way off. The filter is made by putting evenly spaced holes (using graph paper as a guide) into black construction paper. This is placed over a cardboard box which situates the filter a fixed distance from the LCD. Here's a video of the display in action: